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ArcPAD provides database access, mapping, GIS and global positioning system (GPS) integration  to users out in the field via handheld and mobile devices. Data can also be provided from the Internet via wireless technology.


Support Systems organises ArcGIS 1 and 2 training for Nigerian Gas Company. Nov, 2013

Support Systems deploys Radio Frequency infrastructre for Eko electricity Company. August, 2013

Support Systems attends Easy Trace Vectorization Training in Moscow Russia. June, 2013.

Support Systems Limited organises ArcGIS 1 and 2 training for Nigerian Gas Company. Feb, 2013

Support Systems executes GIS Mapping to Polio Vaccination in Kano and Jigawa State. May,2012.

Support Systems Limited won a Distributor's award for sales promotion of Colortrac Products in West Africa.

Support Systems attends the ESRI International Users Conference in San Diego, California in July, 2011.

Support Systems Limited attends the Middle East and Africa (MEA) ESRI Conference in Beirut, Lebanon, Nov 1-3, 2011..

Support Systems implements Energy Map for The Presidential Task Force on Power in Abuja, Nigeria Oct, 2011

Support Systems Limited implements NOSDRA Dashboard in Abuja,Nigeria Nov, 2011.

Supports Systems Limited has become the official franchise holder for Colortrac, producers of SmartLF Cx and SmartLF Gx/GxT series of large format scanners in West Africa.

Supports Systems Limited undertakes GIS training for INEC personnel on Advanced GIS analysis

Support Systems Limited successfully deploys GPS and GIS infrastructure to the National Bureau of Statistics, Abuja, Nigeria … 

BERTL Award Colortrac 4.5 Star OUTSTANDING rating for the SmartLF Gx+ T42 and SmartLF Ci 40 large format scanners.


ESRI donates ArcGIS Software to the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) Nigeria.


Coming soon! Supports Systems Limited introduces unique integrated HSE software solution.

4th ESRI West Africa Users conference holds in Accra, Ghana. October 27-31, 2008 

Nigerian Institute of Surveyors holds Annual General Meeting in Abeokuta, Nigeria. May 5-9, 2008.

Supports Systems Limited showcases Omnisafe HSE software at the 13thHealth, Safety and Environment Biennial International Conference on the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria

Supports Systems Limited organises ArcGIS 1 and 2 training for surveyors.

Support Systems Ltd attended the 7th African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment ( AARSE) conference held in Accra, Ghana from the 24th to 30th October 2008..

Colortrac Products

Colortrac SmartLF Scanners

Outstanding performance scanner at affordable prices!

 Sharp, fast large format technical document scans & copies for professional and in-house users!

SmartLF wide format scanners are available in a range of:

  • image widths; 25, 40 or 42 inches
  • monochrome, color or express color
  • scan speeds from 0.75 in/s to 10.1 in/s
  • optical resolutions; 600dpi or 1200dpi with maximum interpolated resolution of 9600dpi
  • thin or thick media - capable of scanning foamcore (gatorboard) up to 20mm (0.8in)
  • image sensor technology; CCD or CIS

Click on available Range Below for more details

*  Colortrac SmartLF SC 25 range

*  Colortrac SmartLF SC 36

*  Colortrac SmartLF SC 42

*  Colortrac SmartLF Gx/GxT 42 range

*  Colortrac SmartLF Gx/GxT 56 range

*  Colortrac Professional MFP Solution:

           *  25" Professional MFP Solution for Full Color Graphic & Technical Document

           * 36" Professional MFP Solution for Full Color Graphic & Technical Document

           * 42" Professional MFP Solution for Full Color Graphic & Technical Document

           * 42" Gx+ T Professional MFP System for High Fidelity Color Graphic & Technical    Document


Colortrac Smartlf Scanner Assembly


Scanner, PC and LCD monitor mounting kit and paper catch basket with floor stand option

Universal repro stand shown with SmartLF scanner, CopySmart software and Canon W8400 printer

(Note: Colortrac scanners do not come with computer system. the attached computer systems in the picture are for operational purpose)

Colortrac SmartLF SC 42 (Wide Format Scanner)

Colortrac SmartLF SC 42 wide format scanners has been designed with many new and productive innovations to meet the needs of high volume scanning users in AEC, CAD, GIS and Copyshop or Service Bureaus


  • The New SingleSensor is a single full width 42 inch array of Contact Imaging Sensors (CIS) that are housed in robust structure and pre-aligned, giving higher optical quality and improved match between sensors.
  • The full width SingleSensor has 50,400 pixels giving it an optical resolution of 1200dpi and a maximum scanning resolution of 9600 dpi.
  • Advance 2+4 all-wheel-drive Active Paper Transport (APT) scans original with care
  • Bi-directional white LED lighting system that optimises the illumination of the scan object whilst giving an "Instant-on" response.
  • Lower power consumption
  • The SmartLF SC 42 is capable of scanning monochrome documents at 13 inches/sec and colot at 6 inches/sec.
  • The SuperSpeed UBS 3.0 serial PC interface that provides for data transfer at up to 5Gb/sec - this is approximately 10 times the data transfer speed of the current USB2 interface.


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36 inch Professional MFP for Full Color Graphics & Technical Documents

The SmartLF SC 36 with the SmartWorks EZ Touch Plus software is a Professional MFP Solution providing a wide range format copier capable of handling a variety of Color and Monochrome documents up to E-size+ or A0+ size.

It capable of handling large CAD technical drawings or office documents with color graphics for Architecture, Engineering & Manufacturing, Construction, Utilities and Energy companies, Graphic Design Studios, Mapping and GIS.


  • Scanning Resolution 600dpi standard, extensible to 2400 dpi optical resolution
  • Single Sensor Technology with 43,200 pixel giving 48-bit color and 16-bits greyscale data capture.
  • Electronic Document Capture (EDC) - including ISIS interface
  • Maximum Scanning Speed at 200dpi: 13.00 inches/sec for Monochrome, 3.00 inches/sec for 24Bit RGB Color


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Colortrac SmartLF Gx/GxT 42 Large Format Scanners

SmartLF Gx 42 wide format scanners are ideal for professional service providers and reprographics bureaus, copyshops, graphic arts, design, mapping, survey and GIS professionals in any size of enterprise.


• 42” max. image width/48” max. document width
• Capable for all A0+ / E – size + scan & copy jobs
• Wide color gamut for graphic art & photographic applications
• High speed scans of black & white and color technical documents
• 1200dpi optical resolution
• Thick media models


SmartLF Gx/GxT 42 is designed to provide fast, high quality scans, copies or file distribution of large format photographs, satellite images, artwork, graphic designs, posters and any other documents that require a wide color gamut and high dynamic range.

There are three versions of the SmartLF Gx/GxT 42 scanner with thin and thick media options:

·         Gx 42m / GxT 42m ~ capture the wide dynamic range of black and white photos and CAD drawings at speeds up to 6"/s

·         Gx 42c / GxT 42c ~ adds wide color gamut scanning to the 42m with color scan speeds up to 0.75"/s

·         Gx 42e / GxT 42e ~ adds express wide color gamut scanning at speeds up to 3"/s

Any SmartLF Gx 42 or GxT 42 scanner can be upgraded to c or e.

SmartLF scanners are the only color upgradable scanners on the market.

Colortrac's SmartLF CCD imaging technology produces excellent images with a wide color gamut, high dynamic range and excellent resolving power ~ at surprisingly affordable prices.

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Colortrac SmartLF Gx/T 52 Large Format Scanners

SmartLF Gx/T 52 wide format scanners provide cost effective scanning and copying for architects, graphic designers, construction engineers, utility, oil, gas and mining companies.


  • wide color gamut for large format graphic art and photographic applications with excellent technical document scanning ability
  • 52” maximum image width/55”maximum document width
  • capable for all A0+ / D-size+ scan and copy jobs
  • complete with SmartLF software for scan, copy and email, TIFF, JPEG and PDF file formats
  • industry leading CCD imaging with 1200dpi optical resolution up to maximum 9600dpi
  • motorized thick media versions can handle mounted originals up to 0.8” (20mm)
  • monochrome, color and express color versions available with USB2 plug and play interface
  • monochrome and color models can be upgraded quickly and easily

THREE versions available with standard and thick media options:


·         Gx 52m/GxT 52m ~ captures wide dynamic range of b&w photos & CAD drawings at speeds up to 6”/s

·         Gx 52c/GxT 52c ~ adds wide color gamut scanning to the 25m with color scan speeds up to 0.75”/s

·         Gx 52e/GxT 52e ~ adds express wide color gamut scanning at speeds up to 3”/s


These 52” scanners will also capture accurately the finest details in engineering drawings, well logs, utility maps, blueprints, site plans, architectural renderings and many other technical documents in monochrome or color at resolutions from 100 up to 9600dpi.


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 42" Professional MFP for High Fidelity Color Graphics & Technical Document

The SmartLF Gx T42 professional solution is designed for the higher productivity applications but also require the ability to handle thicker than normal document such as those attached to foam backed board (up to 0.8 inches or 20mm thick).


  • SmartLF Gx+ T42c
  • Wide Format Scanners for Technical Imaging and High Fidelity Color Reproduction up to 0.8 inches thick.
  • 2400 dpi maximum Scanning Resolution.
  • 12.0 inches/sec scan speed.
  • 42 inches (1067 mm) maximum image width.
  • 46 inches (1170 mm) maximum document width.


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