About us – Support Systems

Our Profile

We are the foremost Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Service Providers with extensive knowledge in information technology and digital solutions in Nigeria.
We are a dynamic organization peopled by professionals with diverse and extensive exposures in Information Technology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Digital Archiving Solutions.

Our Team

Our strength lies in the quality and expertise of our people. From inception, Support Systems Limited was conceived as an organization peopled with seasoned professionals. Each area of our operation is professionally managed by competent staff, supported by well trained technicians.

To satisfy our clients in whatever industry sector they operate, Support Systems Limited also has a pool of experienced and seasoned resource professionals with industry experiences. We constantly tap from this pool to effectively support and meet the evolving needs of our clients.

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Experienced and seasoned professionals
  • Return on your investment

Our Partnership

To guarantee our clients’ access to the best solutions for their business requirements,
we have established relationships with world leading suppliers of complementary geospatial solution and infotech products and services.

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