Consultancy – Support Systems


We offer consultancy services to various clients to meet business needs in various sectors. We provide advice and guidance to customers throughout the cycle of their projects. We provide geospatial technology expertise ranging from short-term project support through to system integration involving:

  • Geospatial system requirements analysis
  • Architecture definition
  • System design
  • App development
  • GIS implementation
  • Spatial data analytics
  • Corporate training in GIS and manpower development
  • Technical support
We offer various industries a full range of geospatial technology services such as:
  • Geospatial Solutions in Oil and Gas
  • Geospatial Solutions in Utilities (water, electric)
  • Business Analytics utilizing geospatial techniques
  • Solutions for the financial world
  • Logistics and Delivery management systems
  • E-governance packages
  • Web and Mobile applications development
  • Smart Data Presentations and Gathering
  • Geographic Intelligence
  • Remote Sensing
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