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Education and training are vital to every successful implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Information Technology (IT) Solution. With market needs constantly changing, the ability of people and organizations to learn and adapt to change will determine their success.

Support Systems Limited offer instructor led training courses that explain GIS concepts, explore GIS applications, and teach on ESRI ArcGIS software and related technologies applicable to various industries. We provide a conducive and rich learning environment that enhance personal delivery, hands-on experience, and class participation. Our training strategy is to find the right direction for maintaining and developing an individual’s GIS skills, and tackling the challenges this brings.

We strive to help you develop the best possible route to acquiring GIS knowledge and skills to benefit you and your organization. We endeavour to equip participants with skills and techniques that can be transferred to the workplace, where performance changes are obvious.

Our Training courses include:

ArcGIS Desktop

  • Introduction to ArcGIS 1
  • Introduction to ArcGIS 2
  • Getting started with ArcGIS Pro
  • Building Geodatabases

ArcGIS Online

  • ArcGIS Online Essentials
  • Building instant apps for your organization
  • Operations Dashboard Basics

ArcGIS Enterprise

  • ArcGIS Server Administration
  • Portal for ArcGIS Fundamentals
  • ArcGIS Enterprise Deployment

We offer instructor led trainings to individuals and industry focused GIS Training to organizations who require ESRI ArcGIS solution to streamline workflow and processes.

We develop Information Technology (IT) and Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) Training courses tailored specifically to client’s needs. With a clear understanding that training is the start point of IT awareness and competence, our attitude is that only the best will do. Our training, as with all the services we offer, is covered by our commitment to providing quality, innovative and efficient services to minimize costs and maximize our clients’ returns on investments.

Training Facilities

Our training classrooms and facilities are very conducive and well equipped to ensure students get the best from the instructor led courses. Apart from the in-house training in Nigeria, training courses are also scheduled in ESRI training Facility around the world.

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