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Scanning and Archiving Solution

At Support Systems Limited, we understand that effectively managing documents is one of the critical concerns that our clients have. We solve this challenge by deploying effective scanning, archiving and document management solution to meet their needs. We have diverse and extensive exposures in Document Management Solutions that have been integrated into client’s workflow and made them more productive.

Our key target business areas include:

  • Scanning and Archiving
  • Sales of Document Feed Scanners
  • Sales of Image Access Bookeye Scanners
  • Sales of Widetek Large Format Scanners
  • Sales of Treventus Mechatronics Automatic Book Scanner
  • Audio-Visual solution deployment
  • Maintenance and Repairs of all scanning equipment

To guarantee our clients’ access to the best solutions for their business needs, Support Systems Limited have established relationships with world-leading suppliers of Scanners and InfoTech hardware and software products.

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